Sr. Mary Ruth Wewers was a devoted teacher for 41 years. For the last 24 years she taught at the St. Boniface Catholic Church Elementary School. She returned to St. Scholastica Monastery with profession on June 24, 2005, moving into our Infirmary area.

A member of a very large and loving family, she is survived by seven sisters: Sr. Adrian Wewers of St. Scholastica Monastery, Mary Edelhuber of Paris, Benita Siebenmorgen of Morrisons Bluff, Wilma Ahlert & Debbie Bentley of Fort Smith, Sarah Wewers of New Orleans, Pat Reid of Guthrie, OK, and two brothers, Joe & Harold Wewers of Fort Smith. She is also survived by the sisters of her religious community and numerous nieces and nephews.