A Community of Benedictine Sisters in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Sr. Maria's Appeal Letter

As the sisters move forward in faith, they ask for your support of their 2015 Appeal.

Read Sister Maria's Appeal Letter here.

Sr. Cabrini enters eternal life

On December 28, 2015, Sr. Cabrini Schmitz of St. Scholastica Monastery, Fort Smith, has entered into eternal life.

Read Sr. Cabrini's Obituary.

"A Year of Awakening" 2016 Calendar

"A Year of Awakening," Sister Macrina Wiederkehr's inspirational 2016 wall calendar, is available through our online and monastery gift shops.

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Sister Rose Maria Birkenfeld - Vocation Story

Sister Rose Maria Birkenfeld's Vocation Story is now available for viewing.

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Sister Marie Rose DeSalvo, OSB Enters Eternal Life

Sister Marie Rose DeSalvo, OSB (formerly Sister Angela), 91, entered into eternal life on Saturday, August 8.

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Horizons - July 2015 Edition

The latest Horizons (July 2015 Edition) is now available for viewing.

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Across the Bridge Partners in Benedictine Education

The Summer 2015 Partners Newsletter is now available!

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Temporary Professions & Jubilees

St. Scholastica celebrates the temporary professions of Sisters Judith Timmerman and Michaela Boucaud and the jubilees of Sisters Rose Ashour, Pierre Vorster, Madeline Clifton and Rachel Dietz.

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Farewell Father David!

St. Scholastica Monastery bids farewell to their retiring chaplain, Father David McKillin, OSB.

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Across the Bridge Partners in Benedictine Education

The Spring 2015 Partners Newsletter is now available!

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Horizons March 2015 Now Available

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Sr. Brendan Siebenmorgen Passes

View her obituary.

Sr. Miriam's Vocation Story

View her story.

Sr. Katharine Wewer Passes

View her obituary.

Alumnator Fall 2014 Available

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Vocation Discernment Resources

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Come & See Live In Experience
October 17-19, 2014

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A Year of Blossoming
Sr. Macrina's 2015 Calendar

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Sr. Ethel Marie Sonnier Vocation Story

View her Vocation Story here!

Sr. Christine Eckart enters Eternal Life

Sr. Christine Eckart's Obituary

Weekly Reflections
February 7, 2016


Sister Claudine Lee, OSB

A smudge of ashes
Cacaphony has ceased
Gone the scenes of dancing
Bourbon, Charles Canal silenced.
Away with the masked forays
Into red-light districts.
'Tis a somber, joyful world
Readying for the passion, death
Of our great Love.
"Greater love hath no man
Than he lay down his life
For a friend."
I try, Lord, to give in kind,
My gifts are squandered,
My love diluted, I have nothing.
Lord, take my nothing.
Make of it a wondrous thing.
Awaken my strange silence,
Give me the note so I can sing.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Sisters Announce Plans for Their Future

3 Phases of Changes: The Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery, after many years of reflection, prayer, and discussion, would like to share a three-phase plan for their future.

They have entered into a contract to sell 9.75 acres of land to Reliance Health Care, Inc. Reliance plans to build a 140-bed skilled nursing facility to include a 16 bed wing for the monastery’s senior sisters, which will be completed in approximately two years.

During Reliance’s construction phase, the sisters will make plans to build a new smaller monastery near the nursing home to allow them to maintain daily contact with their senior sisters and spend more time in prayer and ministry.

Vocation Center Events

Date Event
February 12-14, 2016 Come & See Weekend
March 11-13, 2016 Come & See Weekend
May 20-22, 2016 Come & See Weekend
August 5-7, 2016 Come & See Weekend
September 9-11, 2016 Come & See Weekend
November 11-13, 2016 Come & See Weekend
December 2-4, 2016 Come & See Weekend
Available Anytime Vocation Parish Visits
Available Anytime Vocation School Visits
Available Anytime Monastery Tours
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Upcoming Retreat:
Dreams: Lost Language of God

Begins February 19-21, 2016
Presented by Diane McKendree and Lance Sawyer

Ever notice how seriously Bible Characters like Jacob and Joseph took their dreams? Ever wonder why present day believers do not? Perhaps we simply lack the knowledge and tools for making sense of these "nightly visions" (Job 33:15). This workshop shows you how to begin recognizing, understanding and interpreting the Voice of God in your dreams. Jungian Therapist Diana McKendree and Pastor Lance Sawyer team up to bring you a method of dream-work which blends the best of Jungian psychology with the sacred biblical tradition. In this introductory workshop, you'll gain a basic framework for interpreting your dreams. You'll experience the process firsthand through both individual and small group dream-work. This workshop is a doorway into a new world of ancient insights where you will discover the Lost Language of God.

Cost: Resident $195.00 Commuter $150.00. A $50.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required at time of registration. Lodging and meals are included in the resident price. Meals only are included in the Commuter price.

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