Advent Meditations with Saint Faustina


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Join the "Apostle of Mercy" as you prepare for Christ's birth! Born into an impoverished Polish family living in what was then the Russian Empire, Helena Kowalska heeded God's call to join the convent, where she was initiated in 1926 as Sister Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament. Sister Faustina experienced visions of Jesus and Mary, during one of which Our Lord revealed that she was to spread the devotion of the Mercy of God.

Sister Faustina is perhaps best known for The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. This rosary-based prayer is to obtain mercy, to trust in Christ's mercy, and to show mercy to others. This useful pamphlet features four weeks of touching daily meditations drawn from Saint Faustina's candid diary, each is accompanied by a relevant scripture quotation. It takes readers through the entirety of Advent and Christmastide, laying a rich foundation for celebrating these seasons.

by Catherine Odell, paperback, Ligouri Publications


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