All God’s Creatures: The Blessing of Animal Companions Paperback


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All God's Creatures provides a complete Blessing of the Animals liturgy, as well as other prayers and rituals, for use in church or anywhere that animals are blessed! If you live with a dog, cat, or some other domestic animal, you already know that these treasured creatures are not just pets, but members of the family. Debra K. Farrington, who has lived with animals most of her life, explores the spiritual aspects of our relationships with these beloved friends–from everyday caring for their needs, to marking the extraordinary moments of birth, illness and death. Full of warmth and wisdom, this essential resource includes chapters on:

Training and Compassion-and how to balance the two
Caring for the Sick–ethical concerns
Rest in Peace–rituals, blessings, and more
Tell Me Your Name–discerning the personality of your companion

“By viewing companion animals as a gift from God rather than objects that do the will of humans, Debra Farrington helps owners realize a greater sense of responsibility toward their own pets, and shows how the humane care and training of their animals leads to a more fulfilling experience for both.”

– Barbara Demarest, canine and feline behavior consultant


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