Easter Season of Realized Hope


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Easter is the high point of the church year and the very heart of Christian hope, and yet sometimes we are tempted to simply move on once Easter Sunday is over. Easter, Season of Realized Hope invites us to linger a bit. Join the women who visit the tomb of Jesus in the early morning and encounter the risen Lord. Travel with the disciples walking to Emmaus and let your heart burn with recognition. Learn from Paul what a difference it makes that Christ is risen. Let your deepest hopes be realized.

Catherine (Cackie) Upchurch served for many years as the director of Little Rock Scripture Study and is the general editor of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible. Cackie is the author of several more books in this series, including Mary, Moses, Hospitality, and Christmas, and she is a regular contributor to Give Us This Day (Liturgical Press). In addition to writing for a variety of Catholic publications, Cackie enjoys directing retreats and working with adults in various types of faith formation.


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