NAB St. Joseph’s Edition, giant print


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The Giant Type Edition of the St. Joseph New American (, Catholic) Bible from Catholic Book Publishing features, the largest type of any Catholic Bible in a comparable, size. Includes the complete Old and New Testaments in, Giant, easy-to-read 14-pt. type, notes at the end of, each book, footnotes, and full-color Land of the Bible, section. The focus in this edition of the St. Joseph, New American Bible is placed on the text, which is, arranged for easy reading. Other features in this giant, type Bible from Catholic Book Publishing include a, Presentation Page and Family Record. The complete text, of Vatican II's Constitution on Divine Revelation (Dei, Verbum) explains the Catholic Church's renewed regard, for Scripture reading by all faithful Catholics. This, magnificent Giant Type Edition of the St. Joseph New, American Bible from Catholic Book Publishing comes in, an easy-to-use 6-1/2 x 9-1/4 format, features gold page, edging, and is durably bound in flexible gold-stamped, brown imitation leather.


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