Searching for God (Revised)


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"Contemplation is not just looking at God; for most of us, now in via, it consists in looking for God, and if from time to time some 'sight' of him is accorded, this will only be a glimmer granted by grace in what will always be a 'cloud of unknowing'. So when I use the term 'contemplation' I use it in this sense: looking for God. This looking for God is done through, with, and in Christ, in unity with the Holy Spirit so that we can give, within that very life of the Trinity, all honour and glory to God, the Almighty Father. That in brief is, I think, the essence of the monastic life." Cardinal Basil Hume OSB

Contributor Bio: Hume Osb, Basil
Cardinal Basil Hume, O.S.B. became Abbot of Ampleforth Abbey in England in 1963 and was made Archbishop of Westminster in 1976. his down-to-earth approach to the spiritual life and wisdom gained from guiding generations of novices into deeper faith made him internationally known and a loved leader in the Church.
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