The Advent Coloring Calendar


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Find some relief from the stress of the season with this fun and artistic new way to count the days until Christmas! The Advent Coloring Calendar will provide a daily dose of peace and focus. Create something beautiful by coloring a pattern for each of the 24 days before Christmas.

"Sometimes coloring is just coloring. To put crayons to paper and create a rainbow of marks and swaths is relaxing, playful, and maybe even artistically satisfying. But sometimes coloring is more. To put colored crayons, markers, or pencils to paper is to create a pathway to the numinous. Coloring invites the body and the senses into an experience of inner stillness. While the hand moves, the mind and the body slow down. The heart and the ears open carving a space for rich silence and an opportunity for God to speak." –Sybil MacBeth, author of Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God
by Paraclete Press, paperback


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