The Gospel According to St. Paul


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Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed a year dedicated to St. Paul, beginning on June 29, 2008. Readers can celebrate the Year of St. Paul by praying through this unique collection of meditations by renowned biblical scholar and retired archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. In simple and moving language, Martini weaves together St. Pauls life, character, and teachings in such a way that we come to know the apostle as a human being with the same hopes and struggles that we have. At the end of each chapter, Cardinal Martini leads us through a series of questions to help us reflect on our own lives in light of St. Pauls experiences. The depth and significance of St. Pauls New Testament teachingsand their relevance to our lives todaycome to light in these meditations, most of which are being published in English for the first time.
paperback, The Word Among Us


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