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Sr. Marie was a graduate of the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in piano and voice, and she taught for many years.

She is survived by three sisters: Sr. Herbert Huber and Sr. Rosarita Huber, both of St. Scholastica Monastery, and Theresa Hoelzeman of Morrilton; two brothers: Herbert Huber of Subiaco, AR and Stanely Huber of New Lenox, IL: and all her Sisters in community.

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Sr. Irene made her religious profession June 24, 1941. On the teaching staff of St. Scholastica Academy and later at St. Anne’s High School, both in Fort Smith, she taught mathematics, physics, and science. She also served the community as Secretary-Treasurer from 1972-1992.

She is survived by a sister, Imogene Stec of Fort Smith; a brother, Herman Verkamp of Charleston; nieces and nephews; and her sisters in community.

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Sr. Frances made her religious profession August 26, 1928 and recently celebrated her 75th Jubilee. She began her teaching at Prairie View, AR and eventually taught at our Academy. In 1938 she began schooling for a nursing degree, which she earned in 1941. Later that year she passed boards for her RN license in Missouri, and in 1943 received her Arkansas RN license. Subsequently she worked in many of our hospitals, and was for a while the Academy hurse and also joined the Infirmary staff. After retiring in 1985, she participated in various activities and work here at the Monastery.

She is survived by a sister-in-law, nieces and nephews, and great nieces and great nephews, and her sisters in community.

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After making her religious profession on June 24, 1925, Sr. Florence was missioned as a teacher for many years. In addition to regular classes, she introduced many students to music, sewing, dancing and directed plays.

Sr. Florence is survived by three sisters: Loretta Meeks of Huffman, TX, Laura Karr of Chico, CA, Stella McGrath of St. Louis, MO, and also by her sisters in community.

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Sr. Columba served as Prioress here at St. Scholastica Monastery from 1967 to 1977. For many years she was Administrator at various of our hospitals: St. Mary’s Hospital in Dermott, AR, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Boonville, MO, Crawford Memorial Hospital in Van Buren, AR, and Conway County Hospital in Morrilton, AR.

She was a charter member of Project Compassion, which has offices in our Retreat Center, and she reactivated the Benedictine Oblate Program.

Sr. Columba is survived by two sisters, Frances Walter of Little Rock and Lillian Stepsland of LaMirado, CA, and also by her religious community.

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Sr. Charlene made her religious profession June 24, 1941. She worked approximately forty years at St. Joseph Orphanage, later St. Joseph Day Care, where she enriched the lives of many youngsters with her encouragement, support, and love.

She is survived by four sisters: Ida Schumaker of Hereford, TX, Rosella Aichlmayr of Salem, OR, Gertrude DeButts of Lebanon, OR, and Mathilda Anderle of Nazareth, TX; four brothers: W.L. and Bennie Lindeman, both of Windthorst, TX, Charles Lindeman of Columbus, OH, and Joe Lindeman of Archer City, TX; and many nieces and nephews, as well as her sisters in community.